domenica 1 febbraio 2009


I think artists are not only who makes artistic works but also who lives making pieces of art.I mean mad collectors, whoever is able to find clever solutions for the environment, who lives of his own genius, who lives on few or nothing, groups and individuals who dream a better world, but, more than anyone, who tries his best to make himself a real example of a new way of human being.

I am planning a trip which is gonna also be an art event. I think it could be a perfect way of sharing and being part of a art performance.

I think of my next trip as something more than only hospitality's exchange. I am willing to start an exchange which will set a new course through <> homes, using a different path shape that can give birth to other possible routes.
I am leaving a sign into homes after passing through them and I am taking with me another sign to bring to the next house.

It could seem a game... and maybe it is.
- I will leave from the South of Italy - from the heel - the first Mediterranean bridge you find passing through Italy
- I am willing to collect signs of human being and giving them from host to host! At the moment, I am in the planning phase and I hope I can
start as soon as possible.

Leaving signs into homes, but also leaving a word, a though (clear/open), in order to bring the previous one's experience into the next one's home.
It could be an image, an object, in a palpable form and so on...

The hosts will keep the evidence of the previous one. They will also give a symbol to take to the next one. The "baton" is the artist.

Setting a course, a rout into this new way of being pilgrim from home to home, connecting the new humanism's world in a artistic way, the North to the South, by land, by sea and by sky.

I would like to create a path from the humanity I will meet through couchsurfing, and also a little piece of life, of art and poetry, which will be also possible to be followed by others, in every kind of sense and meaning. All the hosts will be able to access to the others' hospitality (according to availability).
They will be also able to follow that path, making it richer through stories, experiences, signs. I will bring with me written references as letters which will stay in possession of the next ones. I will also bring my written references of the previous homes. Letters will be disclosed at the same time.

It's a path trough couchsurfing and the art group, wich will be published online and offline, as the exhibition gallery will be the same visited studios/homes. A gallery to be shown the "real" social network.

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